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Phoenix Real Estate with a Long History

Tempe's Hayden Ferry Lakeside ~1870-1880

    The city of Tempe has grown over the years from a Hohokam agriculture dwelling to an upbeat, upscale University City, among other things. Hayden Ferry Lakeside is the name given to Bridgeview Condominium development spanning the south shoreline of the beautiful Tempe Town Lake. Before any of the astonishing high rise structures we see today were built, the Hohokam lived in this area and built canals to support their agriculture until the 15th century.

    In 1865, fort McDowell was established approximately 25 miles northeast of present downtown Tempe and allowed for growth along the Salt River producing the first permanent communities in the Valley after the fall of the Hohokam. The two settlements were ‘Hayden’s Ferry’, named after a ferry service operated by Charles T. Hayden, and ‘San Pablo’ which was located just east of what we call ‘A’ Mountain today. The ferry was the key river crossing in this area at the time. Tempe later got its name in 1879 from the Vale of Tempe near Mount Olympus in Greece. Six years later Tempe was chosen for the site of the Territorial Normal School which eventually evolved to Arizona State University.

    The two original settlements mentioned above were recognized by Arizona State Universities San Pablo dormitories and our beautiful Hayden Ferry Lakeside Development. The University strives and continues to grow as does our community here on the lake. The once agricultural hub is now home to high rise commercial and retail space and remarkable condominiums with views of the surrounding landscape. Bridgeview Condominiums are a slice of history. Come visit our sales office and see what makes Bridgeview a step ahead of the rest.

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Be mindful when buying a home when the rest are fearful!

Tempe condos for sale

I bet you’ve probably just about had it with the media talking about the doom and gloom of our real estate market? Maybe it gives you a reason NOT to buy? Maybe you really want to buy but you need to be talked out of it?!?! I just want to tell you that it’s a choice to let the naysayers affect or influence your decision. If you really sit down and think about your decision to buy, wouldn’t you agree that now — in at least our lifetime — is the best time to buy? Interest rates are at historical lows and homes are on clearance. Since when could we ever buy a house or a condo for less than the cost of construction? Now we can! Heck if you buy now — even if for an investment — just think of the return you’ll get when supply and demand starts to hit! Just a real quick note…I was reading MSN Real Estate the other day, and I read an interesting quote the writer noted in his blog… “We simply attempt to be fearful when others are greedy and to be greedy only when others are fearful.” – Warren Buffett

To put it bluntly, what Warren means is NOW is the time to buy! One could apply Warren’s knowledge of the stock market into real estate as well. Eventually we all know price will catch up with value so what’s stopping you? I’ve bought two townhouses in this market, one of which I paid cash for, and I’m already seeing it increase in value. In fact, I’m more excited at the thought of making a residual income than anything else. I would not have been able to make this purchase cash four years ago and it’s simply due to the fact there is so much opportunity in this market.

Before I close, I just want to quickly list a few reasons why we should buy real estate.

• Affordability
• Historical low interest rates/cheap money
• Ability to own A LOT for less
• Mortgages are cheaper than rent
• We are at the bottom
• Banks, sellers, builders are offering stellar incentives on purchasing a home
• Simulates the economy
• Gives oneself a sense of pride in knowing they own the dirt they sleep on
• Property tax deductions for first-time home buyers

Who doesn’t want to get more for less? Now is the time to buy. Come visit us today.

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Phoenix Real Estate with Patriotic Neighbors


Condos for sale Phoenix    Tempe’s ‘A’ Mountain received a remodel recently for what many believe to be a patriotic result of the recent Osama Bin Laden mission. The traditional maroon and gold of A Mountain was altered to an American flag theme sometime Monday night by an unknown party. Although the 60 foot ‘A’ has received a lot of attention with the recent paint job, an Arizona State University Alumni Association spokeswoman says it will need to be repainted before graduation ceremonies next week.

Tempe’s A Mountain is Bridgeview Condominiums backyard and offers great hiking to the public. Come by the sales office and view the ‘A’ before the University takes it back to “normal” and see what Bridgeview has to offer.

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Phoenix Real Estate – Problems qualifying? Not at the Bridgeview Condominiums

Financing IS an option

    President Obama was recently at the Facebook headquarters in Palo Alto, California speaking and answering questions, many of which about the “housing crisis”. As we all know, we have been hit hard across the country and Arizona had a big housing bubble. Because of this, strict regulations limit qualified buyers from obtaining financing.

    With so many opportunities in this market, it is the time to BUY! Fortunately for buyers at Bridgeview, financing is readily available for qualified buyers. With competitive rates and project approval here at Bridgeview, we can get you in your new home in 30 days!

    Come by the sales office to learn more details about the available financing options here at Bridgeview Condominiums.

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Culinary Week

This week is culinary week in Scottsdale with a wonderful festival downtown just 5 minutes away from the luxury condominiums at Bridgeview.  The events raises funds for the arts, donating over $3.5 million to various non-profit art and art education programs throughout the valley.

Check out there website for a list of  the activities:  http://www.scottsdaleculinaryfestival.org

az condos for sale


The club room at Bridgeview condominiums, located on the shores of Tempe Town Lake features a club room with a gourmet demonstration kitchen.  If you are an inspiring chef what better activity than to invite your friends to a dinner party that you can prepare our get the whole gang involved and make a fun event of it!





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Tempe Town Lakes April Events!

    Bridgeview Condominiums is a prime piece of Phoenix real estate carved right on the south shoreline of Tempe Town Lake. Neighborhood block parties are turned up a notch here as millions of visitors join the festivities annually. Our residents have the ability to join their fellow residents for our events held within the building, or join thousands of others on the lake and at Tempe Beach Park just footsteps away.

    April means sunshine here in this region of the world, and we like to take full advantage. This month we have access to three festivals along with two races. The first is held this Saturday the 2nd and boasts some of the best salsa’s from around the world! For only $10 you can join and eat all the chips and salsa you can handle as amateurs and professionals compete for the judge’s vote.

    If you are not a fan of the #1 condiment, you can choose to join the MYFest Youth Involvement Festival and enjoy live music, entertainment, art and food while learning about the several organizations in the valley supporting youth involvement held on the 23rd.

    A Taste of Greece wraps up the month on the 30th which offers Greek culture and food to enjoy while learning about tradition, dance and much more!

    Whether you want to come for the food, or to participate in a triathlon or 5k race, April has something for everyone. Come see what it’s all about and stop in our sales office to learn more about the Bridgeview Condominiums.

Click the link below to check out the April calendar of events!


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Five Signs That Say ‘Buy’ Phoenix Real Estate

Scottsdale condos for sale


Some parts of the country were less affected by the recession than others. Prospective buyers should review job-growth data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, at www.bls.gov. Unlike many backward-looking economic statistics, jobs data are only about a month old and can “clearly show the direction of the local economy,” says Carolyn Beggs, chief operating officer of real-estate data provider Local Market Monitor Inc. The National Association of Home Builders also posts state and local employment data, at NAHB.com.

Recent sales:

Activity - Three factors should be taken together: housing inventory, sales volume and prices.
A large inventory of homes with few actual transactions are negative indicators, according to Jeffrey Jackson, chairman of Mitchell, Maxwell & Jackson Inc., an appraisal company in New York. On the other hand, if inventory is falling and transactions are picking up, that is a good sign as we see here at Bridgeview.


While not as reliable as jobs or sales-trend data for getting a read on a local housing market, the number of permits recently issued for local builders is useful for gauging builder sentiment and, by extension, future housing activity.

You can get recent permit information from your county or municipal building department, or via the National Association of Home Builders (www.nahb.com).


Availability – If you live in an area where most people use mortgages, it is especially important now to gauge local lending patterns. In the aftermath of the financial crisis, most national banks tightened lending standards. But some local banks haven’t been hit as hard by the housing crash and are more willing to lend, even for higher-priced homes.

For instance, here at Bridgeview MetLife Home Loans has project approval for Bridgeview and offers desirable lending options for buyers.

Anecdotal evidence:

It might sound old-fashioned in an era of electronic data, but driving around neighborhoods, checking out open houses and talking to local agents still are good ways to gather local-market intelligence. The key is to do this kind of research only after you have gathered hard data, so that you don’t misread the signs.
—M.P. McQueen

All information credited to Wall Street Journal http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052748703905404576164720668195108.html?mod=WSJ_RealEstate_LeftTopNews

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The Tempe Town Lake; mother to all events

Ever wondered what the giant lake is doing in the middle of Tempe?  Did you know that the lake offers an array of activities that locals, even internationals take advantage of?  For example, the qualifying Ironman Triathlon is annually held at the Tempe Town Lake every November.  Did you know the PF Chang’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon, one of the largest half-marathons in the country, is also held in Tempe and finishes at the Tempe Town Lake?  There are dozens of nationally recognized events held annually at that involve outdoor recreation and activity all centered on the lake.

On the Tempe Beach Park you can enjoy a leisurely paddle boat cruise or even register for one of the City of Tempe’s recreation sail boat classes or beginner rowing classes!  Located on the park is also a state of the art water park for children.  

Nationally recognized events held at the Tempe Town Lake include:

  • The Ironman Triathlon Held the third Sunday every November
  • PF Changs Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Held annually in January
  • Oktoberfest Held annually in October
  • Tostitos Fiesta Bowl Held annually in January
  • Great Arizona Beer Festival Held annually in March

Those are just a few of the many things that the Tempe Town Lake is home to.  For other great lists of adventures, visit www.tempe.gov

It’s getting close to tax time and did you know you can deduct interest on mortgage loans for condominiums?  Read about these interesting tax facts on hrblock.com

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Tempe’s Top Coffee Shops

Looking to escape your home or office to a better suited and more relaxed environment? What’s better than that perfect coffee shop around the corner where they know you by name and know just what you like. There is nothing better than getting that caffeine buzz and cranking out some work from your laptop while enjoying company of friends or strangers. The beautiful thing about Bridgeview Condominiums is that it’s a beautiful and unique piece of Phoenix Real Estate nestled right on Tempe Town Lake. This luxury condo project is in the heart of Tempe and fortunately for you, there are several of those delightful coffee shops just around the corner. Here’s just a few in no particular order!


1. Romancing The Bean – With a name like that the coffee better be good! This quaint mom and pop restaurant serves a great cup of coffee or specialty tea as well as offering breakfast, lunch, and pastries to die for.


2. Starbucks – You can’t go wrong with this one. This shop has a reputation that needs little explanation. 


3. Dunkin’ Donuts – Known equally for their coffee as their donuts, always a great choice.


4. 3 Roots Coffee House and Cafe – This health conscience coffee house and cafe is a big supporter of live music and local arts.


5. Cartel Coffee Lab – One of the best in the Valley! A must see!


These are just a few of the coffee shops here in Tempe all of which are in walking distance from the Bridgeview Condominiums here on Tempe Town Lake.

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Upcoming Events on Tempe Town Lake

We’ve told you guys about the different aspects of what Bridgeview has to offer as a prime piece of Phoenix Real Estate in the heart of the Valley. If you’ve read some of our blogs you know a few of the local restaurants and some of the events held throughout the year at the different venues nearby. February is a great month for Arizona as we start to ditch the cold weather and get a sneak peek at spring to come.

Chances for Children is the beneficiary for this fun 5k race where you throw on your skirts and dash your way to the finish line where they will enjoy a block party with great food and beer! Singles are encouraged to wear stickers showing their “availability” and couples are encouraged to wager friendly bets over who will cross the finish line first. The women of course, get a 3 minute start to add a twist to the excitement. Don’t miss out on this event held on February 12th, 2011!

If skirts aren’t your thing, you could check out the PetSmart Charities PetWalk and Adoption Event presented by Purina Pro Plan held on February 20th, 2011. This is a festival to celebrate the compassion we have for pets and raises money for local animal-welfare agencies helping thousands of homeless pets throughout Arizona. With both a 5k and a 1 mile walk with great activities for children, adults and pets!

If you’re looking for something a little more relaxed, you could check out the Phoenix Heart Walk on the 26th or the Great Arizona Beer Festival on the 5th of March. Sample some of the 200 craft beers held at the festival – more than any other beer festival in the Southwest! Great food, great people, great beer!

These are just a few of the great events to come to Tempe Town Lake this spring!

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