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Big Dalmatia women need apply

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Zadar, Croatia: what to see and do in the country's coolest city

She was wrong: But for a while, I was. Scholar is part wildebeest, leaping over coffee tables and sliding into walls.

I was thinking that owning a Dalmatian had been my dream since I Dalmatla four. I was thinking I could use the company. But Scholar is just a baby, I reasoned.

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Not to mention the extra-large breeds: Saint Bernards, Great Danes, Newfoundlands. Dalmatians are solidly medium-sized dogs.

Many people might own bigger dogs, but they probably also own bigger homes. Everything in my apartment had to be tiny. My desk doubled as a plant stand, a bookshelf, and a feeding area for my cat.

I was already using most of the free space I had to house appyl gallon turtle Big Dalmatia women need apply, rabbit enclosure under the deskand birdcage. Everything had to be compact. So, by the laws of relativity, Scholar grew into a giant. The night I brought him home was perfect: He had puppy breath and velvet ears and could fit any place with room to spare.

A month after that, he could reach the kitchen counter on his hind legs, so beware bags of chips left unattended! He looked surprised.

Oops, sorry! For a dog bred for stamina and speed, is it possible to make such a snug place feel spacious?

Some people might say no. I removed one of the chairs from the table so Scholar could stand on his back legs and look out the window, watching over the neighborhood as he liked. This was something he was going to do anyway, and making room Big Dalmatia women need apply him to stand meant a lot less soil for my vacuum to get up.

Next, I rehomed my actual wooden nightstand and moved his crate beside my bed, where it functioned as a replacement.

But now Scholar has room to get in and out of his crate without maneuvering around an additional piece of furniture. This meant a lot less spilled cups, with the added comfort of being able to hear him breathe while we slept.

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Finally, I taught Scholar to lay in the hammock I had strung over my Big Dalmatia women need apply — and our lounging space doubled in size. When he got the hang of climbing into it, he could snooze the afternoon away, leaving the couch free of his Laffy-Taffy-long legs.

This meant a significantly less-squished kitty, and more cuddles Big Dalmatia women need apply me. And never having bathroom privacy again, or losing most of your mattress to a dog that sleeps legs extended and a cat that hogs the pillows.

But living in so snug a place with animals — getting to know their heartbeats, furry smells, happy sounds — more than makes up for anything broken, spilled, or squished. Life is hard, but Bigg better when you're not alone.

Sign up for our newsletter and get our Self-Care and Solidarity eBook just because we love you! Skip to main content. I was not thinking of space.

Is Croatia Safe? Warnings and Dangers Travelers Need to Know | SmarterTravel

Half-grown was still too big. What made Scholar feel gigantic was our living space. In less than two months, he grew a head taller than my coffee table, where I ate most of my meals. Turn your back for a second and that peanut butter sandwich was nowhere to be found, just a puppy with a suspiciously sticky mouth.

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