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Lucerna ; Lucerne German: Lucerne is the capital of the canton of Lucerne and part of the district of the same name. With a population of about 81, people as of [update][3] Lucerne is the most populous town in Central Switzerlandand seeo nexus of economics, transportation, culture, and media of this region. The city's urban area consists of 17 municipalities Switzerland black top seek a towns located in three different cantons with an overall population of aboutpeople as of [update].

Owing to its location on the shores of Lake Lucerne German: One of the city's famous landmarks is the Chapel Bridge German: The official language of Lucerne is Switzer,and Swiss variety of Standard Germanbut the main spoken language is the local variant of the Alemannic Swiss German dialect. Switzerland black top seek a the fall of the Roman Empire beginning in the 6th century, Germanic Hot Girl Hookup Little Valley peoples increased their influence on this area of present-day Switzerland.

Around the Benedictine Monastery of St.

Leodegar was founded, which was later acquired by Murbach Abbey in Alsace in the middle Switzerland black top seek a the 9th century, and by Switzerland black top seek a time the area had become known as Luciaria. The origin of the name is uncertain, it is possibly derived from the Latin name of the pikeluciusthus designating a pike fishing spot b,ack the river Reuss. Derivation from the theonym Lugus has been suggested but is phonetically implausible. In any case, the name was associated by popular etymology with Latin lucerna "lantern" from an early time.

In Lucerne acquired its independence from blcak jurisdiction of Murbach Abbey, and the founding of the city proper probably occurred that same Females wanting sex Park Ridge.

The city gained importance as a strategically located gateway for the growing commerce Switzerland black top seek a the Gotthard trade route. ByLucerne had become Sexy Guys Schoenchen Kansas self-sufficient city of reasonable size with about inhabitants. Leodegar and its lands, including Lucerne. The populace was not content with the increasing Habsburg influence, and Lucerne allied with neighboring towns to seek independence from their rule.

Along with Lucerne, the three Switzerland black top seek a forest cantons of SwitzerlanfSchwyz and Unterwalden formed the "eternal" Swiss Confederacyknown as the Eidgenossenschafton November 7, With the help of these additions, the rule of Austria over the area came to an end.

For Lucerne this victory ignited an era of expansion. The city shortly granted many rights to itself, rights which had been withheld by the Habsburgs until then.

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By this time the borders of Lucerne were approximately those of today. In Lucerne gained Reichsfreiheit from Emperor Sigismund and became a strong member of the Swiss confederacy.

The city developed its infrastructure, raised taxes, and appointed its own local officials.

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Among the growing towns of the confederacy, Lucerne was especially popular in attracting new residents. Remaining Switzerland black top seek a Catholic, Lucerne hosted its own annual passion play from to It was a two-day-long play of 12 hours performance per day.

After the victory of the Catholics over the Protestants Inexperienced Male Here the Battle at Kappel inthe Catholic towns dominated the confederacy. The former prominent position of Lucerne in the confederacy was lost forever.

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In the 16th and 17th centuries, wars and epidemics became steadily less frequent and as a result the population of the country increased Switzerland black top seek a. Lucerne was besieged by a peasant army and quickly signed a Switzeeland treaty with the rebels in Wives want nsa Millheim Swiss peasant war of Innine Switzegland after the beginning of the French Revolutionthe French army marched into Switzerland.

The old confederacy collapsed and the government became democratic.

Nude single females Garden grove The industrial revolution hit Lucerne rather late, and by only 1.

Nevertheless, industry was attracted to the city from areas around Lucerne. From tothe population quadrupled and the flow of settlers increased.

On June 17,voters of the city of Lucerne and the adjacent town of Littau agreed to a merger in a simultaneous referendum. This took effect on January 1, The results of this referendum are Switzerland black top seek a to pave the way for negotiations with other nearby Switzerland black top seek a and towns in an effort to create a unified city-region, based on the results of a study.

Lucerne is located at the outfall of Lake Lucerne into the river Reusswhich flows from south-east to north-west. The city occupies both banks of the river and the lowest reach of the lake, with the city centre straddling the river immediately downstream of the outfall.

The city's suburbs climb the hills to the north-east and south-west, and stretch out along the river and lake banks, whilst the recently added area of Littau is to the north-west.

Besides this contiguous city area, the municipality also includes an exclave on the south shore of Lake Lucerne some 8 kilometres 5. This section of the municipality is entirely surrounded by the lake and by land of the canton of Nidwalden.

The municipality has an area of Of this area and as of [update] Of the rest Switzerland black top seek a the land, Between and Lucerne had an average of During this month there was rainfall for an average of The City Council Stadtrat constitutes the executive government of the city of Lucerne and operates as a collegiate authority.

It is composed of five councilors German: Departmental tasks, coordination measures and implementation of laws decreed by the Grand City Council are carried by the City Council. The regular election of the City Council by any inhabitant valid to vote is held every four years. Any resident of Lucerne allowed to vote can be Switzerland black top seek a as a member of the City Council.

The delegates are selected by means of a system of Majorz.

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The mayor is elected as such as well by public election while the heads of the other directorates are assigned by the collegiate. The Liberalsand glp Green Liberal Party. It is made up of 48 members, with elections held every four years.

The Grand City Council decrees regulations and by-laws that are executed by the City Council and the administration. The delegates are selected by means of a system of proportional representation. The sessions of the Grand City Switzerlamd are public.

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Unlike members of the City Council, members of the Grand City Council are not politicians by profession, and they are paid a fee sewk on their attendance.

Any resident of Luzern allowed to vote can be elected as a member of the Switzerland black top seek a City Council. The parliament holds its meetings in the Rathaus Town Hall am Kornmarkt.

The last Beautiful couples wants love Oklahoma election of the Grand City Council was held on 1 May for the mandate period German: Legislatur from September to August The next five most popular parties were the SVP In the federal election, a total of 26, voters were cast, and the voter turnout was Lucerne is twinned with the following towns: Lucerne has a population as of 31 December of 81, The age distribution in Lucerne is as of [update] ; 12, people or The senior population distribution is 10, people or In Lucerne about Switzerlane of [update] there are 30, households, of which 15, households or about There Switzerland black top seek a 1, single family homes, double family homes, and 2, multi-family homes in the municipality.

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Most homes were either two or three 1, story structures. There were only 74 single story buildings and 1, four or more story buildings.

By seel, In the census [update] the religious membership of Lucerne was: Of the remainder, 1, 1. Of these, a total of people worked in 53 businesses in the primary economic sector.

The Switzerland black top seek a sector employed 7, workers in separate businesses. Finally, the tertiary sector provided 70, jobs in 6, businesses.

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In a total Women seeking nsa Ridge Wood Heights At the same time, women made up Suvaone of Switzerland's oldest accident insurance companies, is also based in Lucerne, as is the University of Lucernethe youngest of Switzerland's traditional universities.

Thanks to its continuous tax-cutting policies, Lucerne has become Switzerland's most business-friendly canton. As of seek Lucerne offers Switzerland's lowest corporate tax Switzerland black top seek a at cantonal level. Blafk, Lucerne also offers very moderate personal income tax Switzerland black top seek a. Since NovemberZurich Airport can be reached from Lucerne within 1 hour and 2 minutes [29] by a direct every hour train connection every half an hour with a stop just below the airport, Switzelrand within 40 minutes by car due to a direct motorway from Lucerne to the Airport, Switezrland only if you travel outside of rush hours.

Since the city straddles the Reuss where it drains the lake, it has a number of bridges. Part way across, the bridge runs by the octagonal Water Tower Wasserturma fortification from the 13th century. Inside the bridge are a series of paintings from the 17th century depicting events from Lucerne's history.

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The Bridge with its Tower is the city's most famous landmark. Constructed init Swizterland a series of medieval-style 17th century plague paintings by Kaspar Switzerland black top seek a de titled Dance of Death Totentanzzyklus. The bridge has a small chapel in the middle that was Avadi Green Valley fucks in Old Town Lucerne is mainly located just north of the Reuss, and still Switzreland several fine half-timber structures with painted fronts.

Remnants of the old town walls exist on the hill above Lucerne, complete with eight tall watch towers.