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Wanting to Finland the new year off right I Looking Men

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Wanting to Finland the new year off right

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Maybe everyone is concentrating on the holiday shopping rush. Finns generally hang around with relatives on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

New Year begins boisterously in Finland - thisisFINLAND

In the days that follow, they pay Wanting to Finland the new year off right to friends and gather energy for December Eating well is essential on this occasion, and can mean anything from a tasty home-cooked meal to a calorie-rich buffet dinner. Many people consume quite a bit of alcohol yer this night, which sometimes leads to boisterous behaviour.

The frequency increases during the evening until the grand finale at midnight, when a spectacular amount of private fireworks ydar set off. Various towns, organisations and companies arrange public pyrotechnic shows that light up the sky. I had to arrive very early and wait for over an hour outside in the cold on the large balcony. Horny lonely in houston

Fortunately, the show was worth it. There are live performances, light shows and singing. Even though it can be extremely cold, people are very enthusiastic and happy to be there. The event is televised and finds gear way into many households and bars throughout the country. They toast each other with champagne or beer, shake hands, hug, kiss and say nice things to each other.

Of course, most people want to start the new year on the right foot. So they make the usual resolutions, which they may not remember later, or may pretend not to remember. One fun Finnish tradition is melting tin.

Miniature tin horseshoes are melted in a pan and poured into a bucket of cold water. As the tin hits the water it cools and instantly resolidifies.

In fact, yexr else did as well. Climate is arctic. The village lies at fell Saana, about one hundred people live here, right at the borders to Norway and Sweden. Here, near the tundra, no forest grows anymore.

Only downy small birches give a hint that under all that snow is some fertile soil.

Seeking Nsa Wanting to Finland the new year off right

Only 60km into Norway lies the fjord Lyngen with a view to the famous Lyngen Nfw. In walking distance: Shops and restaurants: What camera gear to bring Tripod Essential for night and aurora photography.

The tripod will minimize camera shaking. Handheld photos in darkness will not be sharp. To adjust settings comfortably, the tripod should be nearly your height.

Camera Any camera with the option of manual focus and a complete manual mode yewr allows you to adjust aperture, exposure time and ISO separately. Most suitable are dSLR cameras as well as newer mirrorless cameras.

Sort Time Fun Not Lover

Pocket cameras with a zoom might be ok in some cases, you can contact me for that when booking. Auroras often stretch all across the sky. To capture a big part of it, you want to have a wide-angle lens 24mm or wider.

Again, you can contact me for that when booking. Remote control optional Use during night photography or long exposures. The remote allows you to take photos without touching the camera. If you can get a head lamp with a red light option, it will be helpful. Spare batteries In cold weather your batteries will discharge quite fast.

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It will be important to have at least two extra batteries with you. Using hand warmers, you can revive the batteries to get the last bit of energy out of them. Make sure you have the right clothing.

Temperatures can be Wanting to Finland the new year off right You will receive an overall and thick shoes, but under it, it is important to have several layers. Top layer under the overall Top your layers off with a winter jacket, best for them will be windproof. Shoes, socks and gloves They will be essential as your toes and fingers will be one of the biggest challenges to keep warm. Hand and toe warmers can easily be purchased online.

Operating the camera in the cold without gloves can be tough. Get a thin pair with which you are able to press the camera buttons. These thin gloves can be worn under thick ones. Head, face and ears Make sure to properly protect your head and ears against the cold.

Wanting to Finland the new year off right I Seeking Sexy Dating

Having windproof, fur type of hat with ear flaps makes a big difference. A balaclava helps to keep your face warm, especially your nose and cheeks.

Laptop To backup your photos from the camera and editing. If we are extremely unlucky with the weather, we will do some post processing in Lightroom.

If you've decided to go a bit off the beaten path in trying to see the The Best Time of Year to See the Northern Lights in Finland the northern lights, Summer is the opposite season to visit if you want to go In fact, under the right conditions, you can see the northern lights . The Next Lunar Eclipse is in. Here's a list of 25 Interesting facts about Finland and the Finns that you probably didn't know! To make this even more fun, I want to challenge you. at the top, but Finland made a big climb this year from number 5 to number 1. . Finland was the first country in Europe to give all women the right to vote. A Finnish term “Everyman's right” (Jokamiehen Oikeus) means you can walk freely in set up a restaurant of their choice, anywhere they want – is a Finnish invention? red now resides in Rovaniemi, Lapland, where he greets visitors all year round. *11 out of 12 wallets deliberately left abandoned around Helsinki were.

Cancellation and refunds Up to 60 days before tour start: Full refund minus an administration fee of EUR If you have questions related to this tour, your photo gear or anything else, please ths the contact form. Nature's own fireworks.


Capture auroras on New Year's This tour requires a basic fitness level. In winter, we will do short walks through the snow.

Double room: EUR 1,